Los Angeles skyline


Once you have decided on where to go, the next step is to decide where to stay. Get a good idea of how you can expect the inside of the room to look by visiting us.

Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami


A convenient location to nearby attractions can save costs on paying for taxis, buses, or other forms of transportation. Cut down on travel time by staying close to the action.

Queensbridge in Queens, NY


Be sure to take a break from excursions and take time to view the beauty around you. It's always a great idea to find a hotel that will make you feel relaxed during your stay.

Unbiased Inside Looks of Hotel Rooms

Through the use of amateur videographers having no affiliation with any hotel chains, Room Sweep can provide genuine and impartial looks into the same hotel rooms you are considering booking.

Room Sweep provides an overview of what you can expect during your stay at various hotels across the United States.