How to Get an Early Check-In At a Hotel

water fountainEvery hotel uses designated times for guests to both check-in and check-out of their room. This allows for hotel staff to ensure the room is properly cleaned, restocked with fresh towels, and toiletries refilled for the next guest occupying the room. Consider the check-in time a guideline of sorts, because there are still ways to get an early check-in at the hotel.

Asking For an Early Check-In

Simply asking the hotel staff for an early check-in is the easiest way to see if your request can be honored. If booking the hotel online, there is usually a comments section on the form. Use this comments section to politely ask if your room can be ready early. If booking over the phone, make the request for early check-in during the call. If during the booking phase you are told that early check-in is not possible, don’t fret. You can still arrive early and see if the room is ready, and if it is not, most hotels provide checked bag service.

Checked Bags

Upon arrival at the hotel during designated check-in times, there could be instances where the hotel room is not ready. The cleaning staff may be finishing preparing the room or the previous guest may have overslept and checked out later than expected. In cases where you are ready to check-in, but your room is not yet ready, ask the hotel staff if checked bags is an option.

Sometimes a guest is concerned with checking-in early because they want to explore local attractions or have a meeting to attend and don’t want to have to carry any bags and luggage. It is common for guests to want to drop-off their items in the room and move onto other planned activities. Most hotels allow for guests’ bags and luggage to be stored safely in a locked room. This room serves no other purpose. The benefit is the guest is able to return at a later time to check-in to their room and know that their luggage is safe and secure.

Check-In Times

Hotel check-in times and check-out times tend to be flexible. There are instances when arriving or departing outside of designated times is accepted by the hotel. Be sure to make any special requests for checking-in early with the hotel staff as soon as possible so that the request will more than likely be accepted.