Pet Sitting While Traveling

In the case of traveling to a hotel that does not allow pets, you will have to resort to finding a pet sitter. The definition of a pet sitter can be interpreted differently, since this could include a neighbor or friend watching your pet or could be a professional pet sitter that has made this a career. Pet boarding is another option, along with pet resorts.

What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Vacation?

For shorter trips that last a few days, such as a weekend getaway, it is best to find a friend or neighbor who is able to visit your home to check-in on the pets, refill food dishes and water bowls, and even play games with the pet. When taking longer trips, such as week-long family vacations, it is worth considering hiring a professional pet sitter or pet boarding.

Pet boarding involves leaving your pet at a facility to be cared for by the owners of the boarding facility. This can be a great option for dog owners who have a dog that likes social interaction, since boarding facilities will have pets from other owners on the premises. Some boarding facilities have certified veterinarians available to administer care, making it extremely beneficial to any pets that require medications and monitoring. Some facilities also have live camera feed that allows the pet owner to view their pets from a private internet connection. Consider looking into a pet resort, which commonly include amenities such as a pool and fields to run around which ensures your pet is getting regular exercise.

If you prefer to keep your pet in the home while you are away, consider hiring a professional house sitter. The benefit to your pet is that there are not new surroundings to become acquainted, since the pet is in their normal environment. Another advantage of an in-home sitter is they can also watch your home. Having the peace of mind that your pet is safely at home may be priceless to some pet owners. The price of an in-home sitter will be considerably more than the option of having a neighbor check-in and you must be comfortable with knowing the sitter will have full access to your home while you are away.

Your Pet’s Safety And Peace Of Mind

Whether your friend or neighbor checks in on your pets, you leave your pet with a professional sitter, or you leave your pet at a boarding facility, you need to make sure that you can keep your mind clear of any worry while you are on vacation. The benefit of knowing your pet is safe and properly cared for should be the top priority, then you are free to relax and enjoy your time away from home.