How to Get Free Play Money in Las Vegas

las vegas strip at night aerial view
The Las Vegas Strip is famous for vibrant nightclubs, luxury hotels, and most notably; casinos.

The boulevard is a 4 mile stretch filled with advertisements for headliner shows, drink specials, and hitting jackpots at slot machines at various casinos. Whether you are looking to enjoy drinks in a high-energy atmosphere or win big money, the former is more likely. However, there is one surefire way to leave a Las Vegas casino without losing money. This doesn’t involve refraining from playing any of the games, either.

Las Vegas casinos normally offer free gambling money to first-time members of the players club.

In order to become a member, one must simply show a valid form of identification, typically a driver’s license, to an attendant at the players club or promotions booth within the casino. Membership is always free. While the casino is open 24 hours, the attendants at the booths may have different hours of operation.

Upon successful sign-up for acceptance into the players club, you will be given a card that is the size of a credit card. Some casinos provide a branded lanyard along with the players club card. It is used by the casino to identify your activity, most important for new members who have free slot play money. The play money is awarded upon players club signup and usually has the stipulation that the free slot play be used during the first 24 hours, otherwise it becomes inactive.

Slots may not be your ideal casino game. If you prefer table games such as blackjack, roulette, or craps, you should still use the free slot play before playing any table games. Use the casino’s money at the slot machines, and take your winnings home or to another game. Since the casino gives free play, and its possible to win from slots, you have the opportunity to essentially win money without ever betting any of your own.

Keep in mind that casinos remain in business because it is statistically true that casinos win far more often than players. If visiting Las Vegas, it is worth it to spend some time in a casino and sign-up for a players club card so that you can enjoy a no-risk playing experience. If you end up winning money from your free slot play, you can take solace in the fact that you are financially better than you were before entering the casino, or you can try your luck at other games. If you choose to leave one slot machine to head to another, be sure to always take your players club card and insert into the new machine. While there is no identifiable information on the card to anyone but the casino, it is beneficial to record playing activity in case there are other perks or rewards for which you may be eligible and were unaware.