Booking the Featured Hotel at an Affiliate Marketing Event

Booking a room at the hotel of an affiliate marketing event comes with many advantages.

A block of rooms is reserved for attendees of the event, making it possible for guests to receive a discounted rate.

You don’t have far to travel from your room to the event, so you don’t have to worry about transportation, and this leaves more time available for getting yourself ready and notes prepared.

Since many of the exhibitors and fellow marketers are staying at the hotel, you are close to all of the action.

Take Advantage of Blocked Rooms

Affiliate marketing events, such as Affiliate Summit and ad:tech, are usually held on weekdays. Hotels normally have cheaper room rates during the week because there is less demand for a room than what you would expect during the weekend.

Due to the lower demand, the prices of hotel rooms are normally less, which benefits guests. It is common for a hotel to provide a block of rooms at a discounted rate for events in which they can expect to fill a large number of rooms, or even the entire hotel, at full capacity. Take advantage of staying at a very nice hotel at a discounted price by booking early before all of the blocked rooms are taken.

Spend More Time Networking

If you opt to stay at the same hotel in which the affiliate marketing event is held, you won’t have far to travel from your room to the event. This can be convenient if you need to pick up more business cards from your stash back in the room, you need to grab a file from your laptop, or you want to lie down and take a quick nap between meetings.

Networking with new publishers or meeting with old friends for several hours consecutively can drain your energy. Having a hotel room nearby is a convenient way to sneak away and come back recharged. It also lessens the chance that you are late for any meetings. If you are staying at a hotel further away you will be forced to rely on a shuttle bus or public transportation, which can be unpredictable. You will miss out on precious face time with super-affiliates or private networks if you are late to a meeting due to being stuck in traffic or public transportation schedules are delayed.

Eliminate the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

It is common for sponsors of affiliate marketing events to host events in the evening with celebrities or popular rappers as headliners. But some of the festivities start much sooner as the booths begin shutting down for the day. There are often “invite only” parties in rooms of the hotel or conference center that include free-flowing, top-shelf alcohol and more opportunities to network.

Guests staying at the hotel do not have to worry about how they are going to get back to their room or when they should arrange for an Uber ride, so they are free to attend the parties as long as they like. Don’t miss out on the chance of networking which could lead to an invitation to join a private CPA network or meet a new super-affiliate that can drive quality leads to an offer you have been struggling to build up.