Avoid Booking These Hotel Rooms

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There are certain rooms inside hotels that should be avoided when booking. While sleeping habits and preferences vary by person, take into consideration the purpose of your stay. Someone who has an important engagement in the morning such as a business meeting or wedding is going to be looking for a comfortable, quiet room for a good night’s sleep. Conversely, someone who is spending most of the night away from the hotel and simply looking for a few hours of shut eye upon return is likely to be less concerned with the level of quiet and hotel amenities.

There are specific rooms that should be requested during the booking process with the hotel if one of the following applies to you:

  • Rooms near the elevator or ice machine: This is true for those who consider themselves “light” sleepers. The levels of soundproofing in each hotel is different, but if the slightest noises stir you from your sleep, you will want to avoid being anywhere near beeping elevator doors and ice machines that are noisy. Furthermore, since elevators are somewhat of a communal area, groups of people tend to converse while waiting for the elevator and their chatter could also wake you.
  • Rooms facing a high traffic area or freeway: Another room type for light sleepers to avoid is a room that faces a busy street, freeway, or high traffic area. The honking of horns, car engine noise, and bright lights will pose a threat to getting any sleep. It is always best to travel with a sleep mask and ear plugs for occasions where this is the only room type available.
  • Rooms not on the top floor: This is another suggestion for those who define themselves as light sleepers. When you are staying in the top floor of a hotel you will not have to worry about other guests above you walking around and disturbing your sleep. When you have a room on the top floor you are less likely to hear foot traffic or voices from rooms below.
  • Pet friendly floors: More hotels are becoming pet-friendly. Be sure to check with the hotel staff as to whether the entire hotel is pet-friendly or only certain floors. If you are someone who suffers from allergies, staying far away from any rooms or floors that housed pets at any time is in your best interest.

Whether booking online or over the phone, always be sure to make special requests about your preference in room. It is a good idea during check-in to verify if your room request details are able to be honored. Even after receiving the room key and dropping off your luggage it is possible to request a different room. As long as there is a comparable room available, most hotels will be happy to move you to a different room with no fuss. If during an extended stay you notice after the first night or two that the room is not satisfactory, make a friendly request with the hotel staff for a different room and you are likely to receive one.